Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action

Spring is a time of growth and renewal when new life bursts open with warmth and vitality. A chance to start anew, revive relationships, and energize your life. Plan your own fresh start any time of the year by implementing three strategies of empowerment that will spring you toward a full and passionate life.

Make new goals to care for yourself. Try that Pilates class, take a walk during lunch, have a nutritious breakfast. Rather than focusing on taking away something, focus on adding in a new, healthy addition to your day. By focusing on improvement rather than deprivation, you are starting a positive, nurturing, and self-affirming cycle.

Challenge yourself to accomplish new things. Individuals who find challenges rewarding are hardier in facing obstacles in life. A natural resiliency builds from taking on stimulating challenges. A release of anti-stress hormones occurs through your body after completing a challenging task similar to exercise. Accomplishments make you feel good, energized, and generate positive motivation. Make the effort to expand yourself intellectually and emotionally. Read a new book, take on a new area in work, reach out of your usual comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

Start a Positive Cycle in your relationships. The language you use can persuade others to hear you and generate mutual understanding. Words are powerful. Focus on asking for what you do want, rather than what you don’t. When you use positive communication you are reinforcing your message by creating a visual of the behavior or action you’d like to see. Reinforce the positive qualities you enjoy in others by stating one unique affirmation a day. You will be met with gratitude, appreciation, and positive energy in return. By learning you can influence others, and generate the quality of relationship you would like, you will feel empowered, capable, and positive.

Go and blossom!

© Nova Reed 2008