A Sample of Client Testimonials


Personal Coaching

When I started seeing you, I was lost. I functioned in life but couldn’t find happiness. I felt like I was living in a fog, defined by things and my career. I kept living like that until I had to find a way out. To everyone else, my life seemed perfect. But, in reality I was truly unhappy.

I came across your site and something triggered some hope within me. If anything would help, if anyone could help, I thought it could be you. I was nervous reaching out to you, I’ve never asked for help. I’m a successful businessman whom many look up to. My success in business was no longer enough, I needed something different. You were so warm and caring. You listened to what I was going through and were confident you could help. For the first time, in a long time, I felt hope.

I did not anticipate where my journey would take me, but I trusted you enough to begin. You expected me to work, be accountable, and also to be forgiving of myself. You taught me to live in the present, to experience joy, and realize my fullest potential. You listened when no one else would. Your focus was only about me, my life, and my success.

I learned to redefine “success” and what fulfillment really meant. The true definition of prosperity includes much more than money. I learned to be a better husband, father, and friend. You’ve taught me lessons about communication, stress reduction, and finding balance in my life. My quality of life has surpassed my expectations, thanks to our work together and my new found insight.

My gratitude to you cannot be expressed in words. I’ve realized an energy in life I didn’t know existed. I’ve connected with a faith I didn’t know was even there. You have opened my eyes and directed me in a new direction. I am content for the first time in my adult life, and excited to see where my future goes.

Thank you Nova for everything.


Relationship Coaching & Counseling

Dear Nova,

Thank you so much for breathing new life into our relationship! When I contacted you, I was seriously thinking of ending my marriage. I was so unhappy. The romance was gone. I questioned everything, and didn’t know where to turn.

Steve and I have learned how communicate, identify our needs, and stay in a positive cycle. It’s amazing when you had us define our negative cycle and how to stop it, everything began to change. There was hope for us! Not only did we stop the negative cycle, we began a whole new chapter in our marriage. One of love, respect, mutual support, and passion!

Our marriage is better than ever, and we now have the tools to get through challenging times together. We will forever be grateful.

Susan and Steve

Eating Disorder Recovery

A Touching Client Testimonial written by a Step Stones For Life client:

For a very long time, I was suffering from an awful eating disorder. Bulimia is a deceitful voice in one’s head, ironically feeding not from food, but off of fear, anger & anxiety. It grows stronger by manipulating and shadowing one’s true self, until one day, you don’t recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror. It is a horrifying experience to realize the monster you’ve grown inside, and even worse to surrender to it.

During the course of my disorder, I felt my soul slowly slipping away. For a while I believed that it was held in place, somewhere in my core, only by a tiny, delicate thread. I continued my lifestyle for years until I wasn’t even sure if it was there at all. A constant numbness convinced me that I had lost my soul forever, creating this vast hollowness inside, so deep I don’t know where it began or ended.

I was convinced by this voice that I would be like this forever. I accepted both the dependence and false support I received from this disguised demon. His arms were wrapped around me so tightly I could hardly breathe. Yet, how would I function without him? In essence, fear perpetuated fear. My attempts at recovery can only compare to a very bad relationship. The kind where you break up and reconcile, over and over. You constantly try to end it, but end up running back to open arms, feeling both safety and shame at returning yet again.

Sometimes I think about the recovery process I experienced with my life coach as unbelievable, because I truly felt that I was a lost cause beyond repair. I wanted so badly to live a different life, I just didn’t know where, or when, or how to begin. Due to an intense fear of judgment, I had trouble asking for help. When I finally reached out for life coaching with Nova, I still had issues trusting someone with my dark and shameful secret. Slowly, and when I was ready, she convinced me, among other things, to simply find hope. It was inside me all along, buried by illusion. Hope presented itself as this flicker of light, a momentary reflection of gold, a chance at a meaningful and fulfilling life. For the first time in years, I felt the presence of my soul, of me, and was secretly in awe of the strength of that tiny, delicate thread.

I feel emotional when I think about my life coaching experience. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, excitement, and even a little fear at the prospect of this new life that I’m creating. But even a big amount of fear is not enough to pull this heavy anchor of hope, faith, and awareness I discovered inside of me, all thru the steady encouragement of my life coach. I am a great work in progress, constantly learning and growing. I have a bright, golden voice.

With Sincerity,
A Step Stones For Life Client

There is always Hope.


Hi Nova,

I have recently seen “the change” in Stacy. You were right, all the prep and then one day the really obvious change in her thinking, her control of the issues, and the discarding of negative self-talk that was keeping her down.

I too am hugely proud of Stacy, she is turning into quite the focused young adult who now has control of her life. Now I am sure now she will be able to do anything that she wants to do with her life. She has developed this quiet strength that comes from knowing herself well, something you have helped her to come to know and take control of.

Nova, you have played such a major role for this part of her life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sincere help, in fact I cannot thank you enough… You have cared enough to cry with her and gently help her change a little at a time. It is obvious now, life coach for a life change, duh?

You have touched our lives, left your mark of positive change upon us and you will always be remembered for your kindness.

My sincere and deepest gratitude sent along with a warm hug.

Thank you,

(Names altered for privacy)

Thank you for your thoughtful words and your permission to share them. I am truly grateful to be a part of the journey.

~ Nova