Life Coaching:

Do you face challenges that keep you from living the life you want?
Step Stones For Life® is a Life Coaching Business dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and aspirations, realize your fullest potential, create satisfying, loving relationships, and live with health, vitality and joy. Life Coaching revolves around the relationship you create with your coach and the goals you set together. Find inspiration and motivation even in the face of obstacles and barriers. Your Life Coach will stand by you, offer support, and guide you to your Path to Fulfillment and optimal health.  Contact Us  to schedule a life coaching consultation, or click here for more information on Coaching, Frequently Asked Questions, and Fees.

Relationship Counseling:

Nova helps individuals, couples, and families create satisfying, loving relationships, personal success, well-being, and joy. Learn powerful communication skills, repair bonds, feel heard and understood. Enjoy those close to you more by creating positive, respectful, mutually supportive, and encouraging relationships. Transform your home into your sanctuary; a place of peace, productivity, and love.

Speaking Engagements and Seminars:

Motivational speaker and author, Nova Reed will engage your audience with interactive and dynamic presentations. From topics addressing lifestyle, relationships, success, parenting, productivity, and more Nova guides her audience through an entertaining and fun exploration into the life coaching strategies of Step Stones For Life.

Speaking engagements include schools,  hospitals, local businesses, community organizations, law firms, relationship retreats, spiritual retreats, support groups, health and wellness groups, substance abuse centers.

A few of Nova’s favorite talks: Creating and Peaceful Home, Coping and Motivation, Self-Esteem and Success, Balance and Relaxation

To book Nova for a speaking engagement contact her directly at

Media and Expert Appearances:

Featured expert, Nova Reed would love to hear from you regarding any media or press inquiries. Nova takes her same ease of communicating with her clients and speaking engagements in front of the camera. She’s comfortable in any arena sharing her insights and engaging others capturing the attention of an audience with her genuine and dynamic presence.
Nova’s appearance on The Daily Show:
Body Language Expert Nova Reed
60 Second Clip

Areas of Expertise include:
•Life Coaching & Relationship Counseling • Health & Wellness
• Fulfillment • Body Language • Personal Growth • Self-Esteem
•Eating Disorders • Depression • Anxiety • Adolescents



Check out Nova’s article in OC Lawyer:
Bridging Alignments in Mediation

Amazon Ebook, a compelling quick read:
The Map to Creative Intelligence by Nova Reed

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Coaching by Telephone or Skype:

Life Coaching and consulting services are conveniently offered over the phone and over the internet for individuals and business to accommodate busy schedules, distance, or preferences.

Personalized Guided Imagery CDs:

Explore the power of uniting your mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to effectively reduce anxiety, tension, and stress by combining Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery. Our relaxing and rejuvenating sessions are recorded to create a completely unique and personalized CD or MP3 download. Helpful for:

Stress Reduction
Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Releasing Negative Emotions comfortably
Healing & Relaxing the body
Sleeping Difficulties
Empowerment & Self Esteem
Cancer Patients &  Chemotherapy
Eating Disorders & Body Image

Coaching for your Business:

Want to get more from your employees by boosting productivity, energy, and focus? Nova works with business owners and companies to create a customized plan for success. Business Coaching and Consulting Services include coaching for your employees, tailored image enhancement, targeted publication, and personalized support.

Health, Wellness, and Nutrition:

The link between our physical being, our spiritual self, and our emotional intellect comprises the key philosophy behind the life changing techniques of Step Stones For Life. One cannot exist without the other. How we nurture and care for ourselves effects how well we thrive and cope in the world. When our physical-spiritual-emotional self remains balanced our mental outlook, health, productivity, and personal relationships improve. Step Stones For Life combines coaching strategies with health and nutrition for a complete approach to improving the quality of your life.

Weight Loss Coaching and Management:

Are you tired of struggling with your weight?  Do you feel like you will never have the body you want? Does food and dieting consume your thoughts? Step Stones For Life provides weight loss coaching to conquer the battles many of us face with maintaining our weight without harmful dieting and emotional eating. By nourishing your body with exactly what it needs for optimal health you will learn to care for your physical self while gaining energy, vitality, and inner peace. You will find self-acceptance, confidence, and a new you.