Relaxation Technique

Peaceful Relaxation

Relaxation – Relaxing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

20 Minutes to Peace

I teach my clients progressive muscle relaxation in combination with visualization techniques to release tension and stress, calm the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit. Learning relaxation techniques takes practice. In order to achieve deep relaxation, you will need to set aside time to practice these techniques every day for 20 minutes. Yes, you do have 20 minutes just for you! Before you begin, find a song that helps sooth you. Music helps to turn your focus inward, away from impeding thoughts, deadlines, or waiting duties. A few of my favorite songs you can find on iTunes are:

Healing of the Heart by John Grout
Morning Meditation by John Grout
The Magician by Kevin Kendle

Find a comfortable, peaceful place to lay down, or sit with your feet elevated. Tell yourself this is your time, your place of peace – for 20 minutes you will be calm and peaceful. Start at your forehead and focus on your muscles relaxing each group, moving to your eyes, your jaw, your shoulders, all the way to your toes one muscle group at a time. Feel your heartbeat get slower and slower as you breathe freely releasing all the tension.

Visualize the stress melting away, dripping from your finger tips, and pushing out your toes. Think of a calming color and surround yourself with this color. Imagine the temperature of the color. Is it warm or cool, dry or misty? Completely center yourself with thoughts of peace, hope, and safety. Drift there in your place of peace for 20 minutes. When you open your eyes you will feel rested and relaxed.

Once you practice and master relaxation techniques, you can add elements into your daily life to help keep you calm and productive. I almost always have my favorite list “Spirit and Soul” from iTunes playing while I work. Your body and mind have subconscious memory, so if you train yourself to respond in a relaxing way to stimuli, you can trigger that response with “reminders” like music, colors, or scents. This works so well in fact, if I am stuck writing something, or feeling a lack of energy while I work, I notice I forgot my music! I just have to turn my music on, and I am immediately centered and focused. – Something to shoot for with practice!

Give these techniques a try and see how they can help you feel better.

© Nova Reed 2009

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