Living Congruently With Your Soul

Living Congruently With Your Soul

Create Meaning and Purpose

1. Clear away “untruths”

Untruths comprise a limited self-definition of oneself inconsistent with your soul. They are by definition untrue to your soul. Untruths can be difficult for the individual to spot, but speak clearly through language. I look for untruths in my clients within the language that they use, such as I can’t, or I shouldn’t. Experiences of the past can reinforce untruths and quietly convince us we can’t accomplish our goals, find true love, or trust. By delving into the experiences that have somehow supported an untruth, while at the same time finding experiences that contradict this limited self-belief, the untruth becomes an apparent road block to burst through. Your soul has been waiting to plow through that road block, and has been providing you clues to investigate the validity of your pain, frustration, and unhappiness. Happiness is living congruently with your soul, serving your purpose, and reaching your destiny. Make the decision to break free from hindering self-doubt, conformity, and hesitation. Clear the way for your soul.

2. Clear away physical congestion

Physical Congestion results from imbalance – emotional, physical, and spiritual. Physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, muscle pains, and fatigue are flashing red lights to take notice and care for yourself. Exercise in moderation filtered into your daily routine provides a sure way to address imbalance and clear the way for positive energy. Diet remains a hot issue in our society, and fad diets have hit an all time high. Here’s the key when seeking to live congruently with your soul: Moderation – simple, effective, and doable. Feed your soul with foods that will comfort you physically. Now this is a trick sentence, as processed foods we tend to think of as “comfort” food, do not comfort you physically, but rather poison our body’s natural ability to metabolize and burn our food as fuel. Comfort food in my book comforts your body naturally by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, giving you more energy, and satiating hunger. Don’t leave your soul hungry! What do you eat? My rule of thumb is…anything that God makes is OK to eat, whole grains, natural proteins, veggies, and fruit. Protein has been a focus of study after study, finding that our bodies need protein to maintain health, mentally and physically. Eat small meals frequently throughout the day rather than three large meals. Focus on eating to live rather than living to eat.

3. Listen to your soul

Once you have cleared the way, your soul will speak more clearly. The voice will sound like a familiar whisper of intuition, a nudge in the right direction. And when you listen, well, I get chills. Your body will signal when you get it right. Your life will signal when you are listening to your soul. Your relationships will improve, your outlook on life will be brighter, and your whole being will be at peace. You may not be consciously aware you are moving in the right direction until you reach a milestone which signals your arrival of success. Staying on your path takes work, so when you feel off balance – stop – and refocus. Follow the steps above again until you find your path to fulfillment once again. The more you focus on living congruently with your soul, the brighter your path will become. The brighter your path becomes, the more detailed your preferred life will become. The more detailed your preferred life, the richer your experience in the world becomes. The richer your experience in the world, the more meaning you find in your life. The more meaning you have in your life, the greater your purpose becomes…and you become congruent with your soul.

Here’s to your journey!


© Nova Reed 2006

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