Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

“The bridge to happiness is built with stones of joy.” —Nova Reed

“I want to be happy.” I hear those words a lot. So many are moving through life just going through the motions and waiting for happiness to just come to them. Interestingly, the definition of happiness includes good fortune or luck, implying there is some element of unforeseen prosperity by chance. How do you fall into the graces of good fortune, luck and happiness? I believe quite deliberately by attending to the spirit, your purpose, and maintaining balance.

Your quest for happiness lies deeply within you stemming from your spirit’s yearning to be present and feel joy. Remaining emotionally present requires letting go of past regrets while holding on to accomplishments, having a solid plan or vision for your future, and remaining balanced.

The state of being balanced includes all facets of your being working together equally creating a pyramid of strength. The shape of the pyramid represents the multidimensional, yet simple form of 3 vertices. Each corner represents an aspect of self. The peak apex of the pyramid represents your spirit; the bottom two corners represent your physical and mental (emotional/intellectual) state. If all three are strong and nurtured, then your pyramid will be strong and full. If one happens to be unattended to, then the pyramid collapses. Picture a weakened or absent spirit; the pyramid would collapse into a straight line. How difficult do you imagine happiness would be to experience while in a flat state?

The presence of joy happens to be all around you. To catch moments of joy, you must be emotionally present living in the now, today, with enthusiasm. The key to living with enthusiasm lies within your creation of your vision, or what I name your Preferred Life. Your vision creates a picture of what exactly you are moving toward; your purpose, a place of fulfillment. Finding your Path to Fulfillment leads you to living your life with happiness, and in so doing, the symptoms of depression, sadness, and lack of joy dissipate.

When you find your path, it’s like magic. Your whole perspective of yourself, others, and life shifts. You will see everything differently. You will find the ability to be happy. The Path to Fulfillment leads to the future without anxiety. The future is created by actively and purposefully creating your life. Trust lights up your Path to Fulfillment like shimmering pebbles of faith. You will notice colors, reflections, and emotions you never experienced before. You will be present for joy to walk with you, arm in arm, as if to share with you the secrets of life.

Happiness will be present in your life as long as you are present to experience and walk with joy. Grace becomes a disposition of life, a presence of good fortune you are actively living while walking your path. Everyone has a Path to Fulfillment where joy, happiness, and purpose join your quest and movement through the world. Each step moves you closer to your Preferred Life, and yet the journey itself will bring you joy in the effortless magnetic pull toward your created destiny.

Find your Path to Fulfillment, and build your bridge to happiness.


© Nova Reed 2007

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