Creating Me Time

Creating Me Time

Life is so busy, and this year seems to be particularly heavy and stressful for many. Creating time to unwind, decompress, and center yourself is important to avoid burn-out, disease, and strain on your relationships.

Is it difficult for you to find the time to just focus on you?

I know for me, I’m a busy, busy working mom. I love what I do and I am so passionate about my career and my job as a mom. I also know, I must stay balanced in order to serve everyone well. “Me Time” is a period of time where you allow yourself to not think about all your impending duties, recharge your energy level, and re-balance yourself.

Here’s some quick escape ideas for everyday “Me Time.”

1. Take a walk or a hike – and for at least half of the time, push all your thoughts of what’s waiting for you away and notice only your surroundings, the beauty around you, the smell of the air, the joy of being outside.

2. Practice 20 Minutes of Relaxation – find a place of comfort and peace and recharge your mind, body, and spirit. This really works! For more details and ideas go to:
Relaxation Technique

3. Soak in a warm tub or jacuzzi. Turn your attention to unwinding and relaxing your body. Focus on any areas of tension and visualize your tension melting into the water.

4. Read. Find an interesting, “get-away” book. Carry your book with you so if you are waiting in the carpool line, or getting your car washed, you can create some Me Time at a moments notice.

5. Sit quietly with physical elements that calm you for 20 minutes. Add a water feature, fish aquarium, beautiful candles, or a statue that brings a sense of calmness and peace. Focusing on a physical structure helps re-direct racing thoughts and reduces the input of stimuli creating a sense of calmness. Add music for a deeper level of relaxation.

My favorite escape is the spa on a clear night, surrounded by the scent of jasmine, music playing in the background, and the bubbles floating all around. – A good combination of the suggestions above!

How about you? What’s your favorite “Me Time?” Would you like to create more “Me Time?”

Take the time for you, you are deserving and worth it!


© Nova Reed 2009

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