Creating Prosperity Through Goals

Creating Your Path To Prosperity Through Goals

Goal: The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed; an objective

Three Steps To Claim Your Goals:

1. Define

Create a clear definition of what want to accomplish. Your objective is defined clearly and specifically in one sentence. The more specific your goal, the more likely you will succeed. Create an “Umbrella Goal” to title a list of supporting goals. With your Umbrella Goal transform what you want into what you will accomplish.

Example: I want to succeed. – A positive statement, although lacks assertiveness and is not specific.

Umbrella Goal: I WILL succeed. – Now the goal is assertive. You just need to add specifics.

Examples of Specific Umbrella Goals:

1: I WILL succeed at my job.
2: I WILL succeed at improving my relationships.
3: I WILL succeed at improving my health.

Create a list to support your Umbrella Goal with “Transformation Goals”. I work in lists of three with all of my techniques. Using sets of three creates balance by stretching you to name more than one while remaining attainable for reinforcement.

Examples of Transformational Goals:

1: I will increase my customer base by 15% this month.
2: I will be patient and tolerant.
3: I will run 3 miles four days this week.

2. Visualize

Create a picture of your goal. Creating a visual will reinforce and place meaning and significance to your goal. You can create a mental picture such as the finish line at the end of the race, or being on stage to receive an award. Searching through magazines, books, or photos to retain a physical visualization is a great way to cement your vision. Keep your picture where you can see it everyday to reinforce and focus on your goal.

3. Create Purpose

Create a statement to define your purpose and add personal significance to your goals. The most successful people create and claim goals based on purpose not money. Financial success follows passion, dedication, and purpose – the definition of Prosperity.


My Professional Purpose Statement:

“I will be successful helping others create a fulfilled life.”

I follow this statement everyday, and by so doing, the client’s progress becomes my reinforcement. My dedication, passion, and purpose with my clients create meaningful success. Financial success follows my successful work with my clients.

This process is the key to Prosperity.

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© Nova Reed 2009